[Newbies] Is there a preference setting to block automatic parentheses?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 22:40:29 UTC 2015

>>> Some people like this preference a lot. Others think it is horrible.
>> This implmenentation is not the best. The one in E/OCompletion is better.
> I love the feature (in other editors), but hate its current behavior.  If that one is better, why don't we use that?

This preference is part of the low-level interface which affects the
overall fidelity of the Squeak user-experience.  If we are going to
make any changes to this, may we please start it out in the Inbox
where we can all try it and discuss it in more objective terms than
"love", "hate", "better" and "horrible"?

I see OCompletion has a head version in SqueakMap, great!  So we can
try it out right now and see why its better..

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