[Newbies] Better Support for Beginners Please!

Kirk Fraser overcomer.man at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 06:04:26 UTC 2015

The Squeak.org main page needs a few changes.

1) FunSqueak Demo Image does not belong under "Beginner" heading.
Perhaps "Intermediate" would be more appropriate.  To be a Beginner project
it should be supplied installed in a full one click Squeak 4.5 instead of
expecting a beginner to know how to do major surgery.

2) The LINUX instructions at page bottom are not for beginners. Under
Beginners there should be a one click solution for installing Squeak in a
majority of Linux systems including Kbuntu.  Lacking that, the Beginners
heading needs detailed explanation of what all this means and how to
accomplish it.

Linux Starting - Check you have: 1) X Windows (i.e. X11) installed; 2)
32-bit libraries installed; 3) file permissions have been addressed. Put
the squeak script found in the top directory on the command line followed
by the path to the image.

How does one check if one has X Windows installed?
How does one check if one has 32 bit libraries installed?
How does one check if one has file permissions "addressed"?
What is the Squeak Script?
How does one put it in the "top" directory - top of what - the hard disk,
some major subdirectory like bin?
Where does one enter the command line?
What does a sample command line look like in the top 5 Linux variants?

Better yet, where is a one click download and install for Linux systems?

A bit of humor - while writing this post, I thought of a new term to
describe this problem, the main Squeak.org page is  dribbling information
to the users. What do you think, fix dribbling and you'll attract more
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