[Newbies] Beginner's List Question

Kirk Fraser overcomer.man at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 07:00:21 UTC 2015

I finally found the responses to my email that never arrived in my inbox
yet by looking in the Archive.  Thanks.

Apparently my question needs to be restated in better jargon.  So here goes:
A beginner might want to start Squeak on a Linux machine.  The Beginner's
heading has no information for a beginner using Linux. Yet the claim is
Squeak works on both Windows and Linux.  So how does a beginner do it?

Casey says take a flying leap and eventually you'll get it.
Bert says there are easy to follow instructions to do it.

Where are these easy to follow instructions for beginners?

Kirk W. Fraser
w <http://freetom.info/TrueChurch>ww.JesusGospelChurch.com - Replace the
fraud churches with the true church.
http://freetom.info - Example of False Justice common in America
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