[Newbies] How to Double Squeak?

Kirk Fraser overcomer.man at gmail.com
Tue May 26 05:13:19 UTC 2015

I want to run 2 Squeaks on a 2 core computer.  The first time I tried two
instances, one complained that it couldn't save changes or something but
ran anyway, enabling me to open both the internal webcam and a USB webcam
at the same time and enjoy the same display speed on each.  To avoid the
file conflict I later copied the entire Squeak directory to a copy to run
separately.  I brought up the Task Manager to set the priorities high and
affinity to each core separately.  Oddly the task manager showed two
Squeak.exe's but only one had a description Squeak Cog Virtual Machine.
They both started but soon one gave a VM error message and quit.

What is the correct way to run a Squeak on each core?  I've seen a
recommendation to use 4 cores for machine vision and i hope to do it in
Squeak instead of C++ to better modify the perception code.

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