[Newbies] How to Double Squeak?

Ron Teitelbaum ron at usmedrec.com
Tue May 26 18:14:02 UTC 2015

Hi Kirk,


You are correct that you need to copy the files, I would just copy the
entire directory, as you did previously.  The error you saw was about the
changes file.  The image will still run but since the changes file is
already open in the first instance it cannot be used for the second.  You
could actually delete the changes file and run from the same directory but I
wouldn't recommend that either.  


On windows you can set the affinity to a particular CPU.  Use your task
manager to set the affinity for each instance.  They should then run on
different CPUs.  You may need to change the name to get it to stick for the
next launch.


All the best,




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I want to run 2 Squeaks on a 2 core computer.  The first time I tried two
instances, one complained that it couldn't save changes or something but ran
anyway, enabling me to open both the internal webcam and a USB webcam at the
same time and enjoy the same display speed on each.  To avoid the file
conflict I later copied the entire Squeak directory to a copy to run
separately.  I brought up the Task Manager to set the priorities high and
affinity to each core separately.  Oddly the task manager showed two
Squeak.exe's but only one had a description Squeak Cog Virtual Machine.
They both started but soon one gave a VM error message and quit.  


What is the correct way to run a Squeak on each core?  I've seen a
recommendation to use 4 cores for machine vision and i hope to do it in
Squeak instead of C++ to better modify the perception code.



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