[Newbies] What happened to all the toys?

Eric Scharff ericnboulder at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 03:03:52 UTC 2015

Thanks everyone for your replies.
I found the Piano roll morph and the keyboard morph in the standard image, as Chris indicated. Coming from an ancient Squeak, I had trouble finding the parts bin, but once I did, I found them. Awesome!
SqueakMap is tricky, especially if you know nothing.  Here's what I did
1) Download and run the Squeak All in One 5.0 distribution
2) Select "SqueakMap catalog" from the Apps menu
On a brand new image, this will open browser with no contents. Solving this is fairly intuitive by clicking the "Update" button
It then populates the list with a bunch of packages, but "Freecell" and "Chess" and "Games" are not there, nor does it work to search for them.
After a bit of head scratching, I saw the title window said "27 of 797 packages"  How do I see all the other packages?
This took a bunch of head scratching. I knew there was some filtering, but nothing sticks out obviously.
Eventually (mostly through stumbling around), I right clicked in the tree in the bottom left, and found the "Clear all filters" button.  This improves things greatly, and now I can search for packgaes!
Clicking "Install" on the Chess Game package gives some threatening warning dialogs (this hasn't been tested in your Squeak version, find another one?) (this package isn't safe), but it installed without errors. Woohoo!
The "Games" package http://map.squeak.org/package/643f4620-0fe6-493b-a129-7fd1224e0fe4 is a different story. Attempting to install this raises a syntax error parsing AtomicMap22, with an invalid literal:
layout atRow: 8 put: #(1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 #(#H #Invalid literal character ->3 3 nw) 1 1 ).

If you try to proceed through these errors, you'll actually break the parts bin.  You then open the parts bin, click on the "Games" category, and get a debugger error.
Thanks again. It's much closer to working (and I can now do what I wanted) but it definitely is still bumpy, and it would be great to play the old games package without going back to 3.10, for which this package is tagged.
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