[Newbies] Version 5.0 running hot

Joseph Alotta joseph.alotta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:07:28 UTC 2016

I just switched from version 4.3 to 5.0.  I like the new features, thank you.

But I have 5.0 running, hidden from my desktop, and I am reading my mail. I notice the laptop is getting very warm on the
bottom.  I look at the Activity Monitor and find that Squeak 5.0 accounts for 50% of my processing load.  (I have 4 cores, so
I think it is 50% of all 4.)

When I save and quit Squeak, it immediately starts to cool off.

Again, Squeak 4.3 could run hidden in a window and never affect my power consumption.

What is 5.0 doing that 4.3 is not?



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