Kedama (Re: [Newbies] [ANN] Squeak 5.1 released;; Trunk open again)

H. Hirzel hannes.hirzel at
Fri Aug 26 13:32:32 UTC 2016

On 8/25/16, Bert Freudenberg <bert at> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 7:19 PM, H. Hirzel <hannes.hirzel at> wrote:
>> On 8/24/16, Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas <offray at> wrote:
>> > Thanks a lot! Seeing Kedama,
>> Hello Offray
>> The object tool offers a 'Kedama World' in the category 'Kedama'.
>> But no other tools / menus to start building simulations.
>> It seems that the more code needs to be loaded ....
>> Do you have any hints how to get started?
> It doesn't work right in 5.1 yet. But Tim Felgentreff just (at ESUG in
> Prague) demonstrated a 5.1-based Etoys image that has pretty much all the
> Etoys code of the Squeakland image, and Kedama works in there. Running on
> the Spur VM it's even fast enough without the Kedama plugin (which was
> needed in the interpreter VM).
> We intend to release this later this year, but for now I'd recommend the
> Squeakland version to play with Kedama.
> - Bert -

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