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Ron Teitelbaum ron at usmedrec.com
Mon Jul 18 16:48:31 UTC 2016

Hi Joe,

It's probably not the transcript but everything else that is happening on
your image.  I'm not sure at what priority the transcript runs but if you
have threads at higher priority running they have to finish first and then
yield so that a lower priority thread can take over.  That's when your
transcript messages will show up.  

The transcript can also get you in trouble with threading, having multiple
threads trying to write to the transcript.  Make sure you are controlling
access to the transcript if you are using it with multiple threads.  

All the best,

Ron Teitelbaum

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Why is it slow to write on the Transcript.  I thought with a powerful
computer like this, it would be fast.  Is it really doing that much or is
there something in the code sleeping to a clock?



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