[Newbies] Balloon & Wonderland help

Thej thej at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 16 05:18:18 UTC 2017

I want to do some Logo-style drawing in 3D space and in my search for viable software, I found very few that were suitable. All good options (other than squeak) have been “Tile-ized” and I would prefer text based code.

So over to Squeak with Balloon3D and Wonderland ;-)
I installed Balloon3D from the SqueakSource repository into a fresh Squeak 5.1 (64bit).
I can now see the Balloon3D-Wonderland categories in the Browser.

The SqueakSource archive listed an updated plugin. How can I be certain it was installed (because some of the error messages I’ve been getting trying to open a Wonderland have stated that I don’t have proper 3D support [Warning: You do not have real 3D support] ). I also don’t see a Balloon3D-Plugin category in the browser. If it's not installed how do I install it?

…and of course, I’m assuming Balloon Wonderlands are the only option to do Logo-like drawing in a 3D space in Squeak? Are there any other options? Can I do this in Open Croquet ?


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