[Newbies] Decomposing Binary Data by CR/LF

John-Reed Maffeo jrmaffeo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 18:00:25 UTC 2017

Is there an existing method that will tokenize/chunk(?) data from a file
using  CR/LF? The use case is to decompose a file into PDF objects defined
as strings are strings terminated by CR/LF. (if there is an existing
framework/project available, I have not found it, just dead ends :-(

I have been exploring in #String and #ByteString and this is all I have
found that is close to what I need.

"Finds first occurance of #Sting"
self findString: ( Character cr  asString,  Character lf asString).
"Breaks at either token value"
self findTokens: ( Character cr  asString,  Character lf asString)

I have tried poking around in #MultiByteFileStream, but  keep running into

If there is no existing method, any suggestions how to write a new one? My
naive approach is to scan for CR and then peek for LF keeping track of my
pointers and using them to identify the CR/LF delimited substrings; or
iterate through contents using #findString:

TIA, jrm

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