[Newbies] losing focus

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 07:19:06 UTC 2017

Found/fixed problem:  When my morph containing a collection of my
button morphs was resized the icons (forms) were
resized but not the buttons.  So you were right.  Oddly enough the
containing morph knew how big each button was supposed
to be so it allocated enough screen space for each button.  I thought
it was resizing the buttons too but I was wrong.
In other places I did resize my button morphs when needed so in those
instances it (of course) worked all along.

>  Hi Ralph,

>  can you file-out and share your version of the IconicButton class?

I could but to you wouldn't have found the problem there because the
way the code is written it is the responsibility
of the code delivering the new icon/form to the button that is
responsible for changing the button's extent.
I suppose I could pass the icon/form and the new extent to the button
together and let it be responsible for the changes.
I'll think about it.

Morph >> #handleEvent: is too low-level for your use case. You should
only overwrite/implement #handlesMouseDown: and #mouseDown:, for

my button class implemented #handleEvent only to set a breakpoint.  I
assume you mean that I should have instead
did the same with #mouseDown:  I will give this a try and see if it
avoids my getting the emergency window.

I had no idea that  #handleEvent is lower level than  #mouseDown:.
Is there a place that I can learn things like this?
Squeak seems to provide little documentation here (as elsewhere).
It is definitely a trial by fire for me to figure all this GUI stuff out.
I have little knowledge/interest in GUIs but need to know this since
I am developing some children's educational software in Squeak.

> Seems to me that the icon in your button is bigger than your button.
> Only the button/owner gets the events here.

YOU WERE RIGHT.  This is what I did wrong.
I knew that it is the button that gets the events; just failed to
resize the button.

> ...

> Best,
> Marcel

Thanks.  In retrospect this looks pretty obvious.  :(



Am 25.10.2017 05:58:10 schrieb Ralph Boland <rpboland at gmail.com>:
I created a button class which is version of IconicButton
(by cutting and pasting) that does extra things that I need.
One of the things that I do is expand the size of my button
(actually a collection of my buttons) when running an application that uses it.
When I do so only a small area of near the top left corner of my
button seems to have focus
so then if I click on that area the button works but otherwise it does not.

When I click within my botton's working area >handleEvent:
anEvent> is called by
>processMouseOver: anEvent>.

When my button does not work the method is not called
because, I believe, the portion of my button that was clicked does
not have focus.
Note that when my button size is expanded it's position is also changed because
other morphs have also expanded but this expansion does not seems to
cause confusion
as to where the button is because the working focus area
remains in the same part of my button.
But there appears to be confusion as to the size of my button and its
focus area.

Debugging this is a pain. When I set a break point in
>handleEvent: anEvent>
the emergency handler pops up. when I do a I get my stack with
>handleEvent: anEvent> at the top of the stack.
But I have gathered little useful information by looking at this stack.
The only solution I can think of is to discard by button (buttons)
and reinstantiate them every time they need to be resized.

Is there something that I should be setting when I resize my button so
that it's focus area
is correct?

Is discarding my buttons and reinsantiating them the only solution?

Any help or insight appreciated.

Ralph Boland

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