[Newbies] PipeableOSProcess - Can't SIGINT

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Mon Apr 30 19:53:30 UTC 2018

David T. Lewis wrote
> But here are two suggestions…

Thanks! I will try. Actually, googling around a bit revealed a similar
thread [1] with some great information which I collected into a wiki page
[2]. The top two solutions there were:

1. ProxyPipeline (via David T. Lewis). This looks like the first choice for
most situations. 

CommandShell itself uses a ProxyPipeline to represent one or more process
proxies from a command line, so you can use that class directly to evaluate
a command line:

    ProxyPipeline command: '/bin/sleep 10'

2. PipeableOSProcess - The Long Way

This gives you total control (at the obvious cost of LOC!).

env := CommandShell new environment.
	pwd := '/'.
	args := Array
		with: '-jar'
		with: '/path/with/another space/jenkins.war'.
	desc := Array with: nil with: nil with: nil.
	p := PipeableOSProcess
		new: '/usr/bin/java'
		arguments: args
		environment: env
		descriptors: desc
		workingDir: pwd
		errorPipelineStream: nil

The thing I find eery is *not* that I ask the same questions over and over,
but that it seems to be almost the same day of the year even many years
apart! (May 7th, 2012 -> April 29th, 2018)

1. http://forum.world.st/Running-in-background-with-OSProcess-tp4615534.html

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