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Jeremy Landry hakyoku at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 22:47:48 UTC 2018

To answer the question about the scripter...

It seems that a proper 'player' is not created when creating a script via
dropping a tile onto the desktop from the viewer. The tiles themselves
work, but seem to be disconnected from generating an etoys script for the
player. That's the best way I can describe it. Normally in Etoys, for new
scripts, a shorthand way to do this without simply creating a new script
from the scripts category of the viewer is to simply drag and drop any
assignment tile or command out onto the desktop and a script is generated
with that tile as the first instruction...doing this in 5.2 alpha (the
latest one I d/l last night updated this month) starts a scriptor but
creates an error dialog along with it and the script doesn't seem to work
correctly.  Dropping more tiles into the scripter creates identical errors
to the initial one. However, typing up code into it when switching to a
text based scripter works fine, even so far as to properly understand Etoys
scripting such as 'self getWidth + 1' and such. However, running it as tile
doesn't seem to work. I'm fairly sure this is likely known to whomever is
doing the porting/updating so that's why I didn't go into details.  I was
really just happy the viewers properly work and that so far my Etoys
projects seem to load pretty well. If anyone is needing projects for
testing, I can supply quite a few of them and will sort out which ones
actually don't properly load in Etoys 5 itself (I have had a few that
somehow my project broke itself and Etoys stopped loading it properly) as
well as ones that do. I've been creating, I suppose, larger projects in
Etoys for the last year or two, things that are more than simply showing a
math concept or simple story, but things that use multiple books talking to
each other, using books as databases, and action oriented graphical effects
and game frameworks/tests.  I haven't gotten a chance to really see which
ones work and which ones Squeak 5.2 doesn't like, but when I get a chance
to, I'll try to separate them out and make them available for the devs if
they need more projects to test for bugs and the like.

But so far, I've tested a marginally complicated project that has a book as
a database with images and links between pages and such and it seems to
load fine, but I haven't done any edits to it to see if 'messing around'
with it will break anything.  I'm pretty good at breaking stuff though.
Seems to be my special gift.  :p

At any rate, whatever shape 5.2 takes and whether it's going to be a new
Etoys or simply Etoys+Squeak, it's appreciated very much. Etoys hits that
'sweet spot' of flexibility, useability and approachability, I think which
is why I use it and hate things like HTML/CSS/Javascript for mocking up
things...it shouldn't take 3 languages and syntax differences to describe a
single thing...but that's a rant I'm sure I don't need to spout here...

Peace and keep on truckin' at your own pace.  :)

On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 3:31 PM, Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> +1.  It's really great to get feedback from the *USER* side!  Feedback
> from someone who does not consider themself a coder is GOLD for those
> who do to understand what is important for true users of Etoys.  You
> are a quintessential member of the group I've advocated for in squeak-dev
> on a continuing basis, thanks!  :-)   My only question is, does Bert
> or someone understand what you mean by "other than the Etoys scriptor
> needing to be in text rather than tile," and, is that an easy fix we
> could still get into 5.2?
> Cheers!
>   Chris Muller
> On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 4:03 PM Ron Teitelbaum <ron at usmedrec.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Jeremy,
> >
> > Very nice email.  Thank you for taking the time to write it!  It is a
> wonderful community!
> >
> > All the best,
> >
> > Ron Teitelbaum
> >
> > On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 1:50 PM Jeremy Landry <hakyoku at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >> I just gave the latest beta 5.2 a look last night and I'm rather
> psyched about work that's been done. I personally am not a 'coder', I don't
> like 'writing' code, etc. and so I've been mostly using the Etoys
> distribution as it allows me to get straight into the visual and motion
> design work that I'm actually interested in. I had heard that Etoys was
> going to be merged back into squeak, making the eye halo actually feel
> logical to even be included again and when I tried version 5.0 a while
> back, it was still largely under construction/on the to-do list. However
> last night, other than the Etoys scriptor needing to be in text rather than
> tile, I was very very happy and impressed at the same time and I just
> wanted to thank everyone who's work and contributions towards this goal has
> gotten it to this point now. Even if for some extremely unlikely reason
> that Squeak dev completely stopped tomorrow morning, what is there is
> already nice.
> >>
> >> Really, everyone has outdone themselves on squeak 5.x and this is just
> me saying thanks and letting you know at least one person out in the
> wilderness appreciates it.
> >>
> >> I apologize for cluttering up the mailing list with kudos and congrats,
> but I was really yelling at my screen last night saying the explicit
> versions of 'hooray' and thought afterwards, 'I should write a polite and
> publicly acceptable version of how I feel and pass that to those
> responsible' so here I am.
> >>
> >> Again, thanks and stellar work.
> >>
> >> Peace
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