[Newbies] One more week to VOTE!

Ron Teitelbaum ron at usmedrec.com
Mon Jan 29 21:21:19 UTC 2018

HI All,

The Squeak Oversight Board election is on.  For more information about the
election see http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6590.

You should have received a ballot if you are on our voters' list.  If you
have not voted, please take the time to find your ballot and vote.

Please go to your email client and look for an email:

Poll: The Squeak Oversight Board 2018

from: Ron Teitelbaum (CIVS poll supervisor) <civs at cs.cornell.edu>

Also, you may need to check your SPAM or JUNK folder!

Let me know if you can't find your ballot and I'll resend it to you!

All the best,

Ron Teitelbaum
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