[Newbies] Just a curious question to the veterans

Jeremy Landry hakyoku at gmail.com
Wed May 23 04:46:11 UTC 2018

I'm not at the level where this would mean anything to me in a practical
sense, but I was curious about the VM and compiling the VM and the fact VM
exports C-code (DJGPP or something?).  I was curious as to whether it would
be beneficial at all to write a C compiler inside of squeak, at least for
the common 'systems'. I suppose having an external compiler let's one
ignore some of the more important details of the host system to compile for
and probably contributes to a lack of one.  But I was curious if anyone's
ever tried making any kind of compiler that spits out standalone VMs or
other types of very specific-use external programs with squeak/smalltalk
and if that was ever a consideration of something that any users had tried
to tackle.

Again, keep it somewhat 'dumb' in the answer. Compilers and such are way
over my head, but I had the thought about this question while reading
repeatedly that the VM gets exported to be compiled by a C compiler rather
than natively inside of the running system and wondered if there are any
advantages to that other than just being a part of the puzzle that is
handled much better by a 3rd party maintaining a compiler separately.

Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong mailing list.
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