[Newbies] How to create a TextMorph with Text containing links

Christian Kellermann ckeen at pestilenz.org
Sat Sep 15 15:05:32 UTC 2018

* Christian Kellermann <ckeen at pestilenz.org> [180915 16:59]:
> * Ben Coman <btc at openinworld.com> [180915 02:46]:
> > Here is something I recently did in Pharo.  I expect these parts of the
> > systems are very similar.
> Ah thanks that's been the nudge in the right direction! I am using
> a PluggableTextAttribute now which also allows specifying a block...
> I am hitting another bunp in that it seems just adding a TextMorph
> to a SystemWindow -> ScrollPane -> PasteUpMorph.  (-> meaning
> 'containing a') does not make it scrollable...
> Should I compose the content of individual TextMorphs? Or am I
> missing something obvious?

Ah nvm, I had something like this:

scrollPane := ScrollPane new
  scroller addMorph: pasteUpMorph.
which is sending the message to the wrong receiver it seems :)

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