[Newbies] inspect window not on top

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 16:22:13 UTC 2018

I have morph.
I have implemented for that morph the method:

yellowButtonActivity: shiftState
    ^self inspect

This brings up an inspector on the morph which as expected.
However, if the location of the inspector overlaps the morph,
the morph covers the inspector so that the inspector is partially
or totally hidden by my morph.

I also tried this with a submorph of my main morph and the same
thing happens.

In trying to figure this out I determined that method
is invoked and returns value 100.  Here is the code:


    "helpful for insuring some morphs always appear in front of or
behind others.
    smaller numbers are in front"

    ^(owner isNil or: [owner isWorldMorph]) ifTrue: [
        self valueOfProperty: #morphicLayerNumber ifAbsent: [100]
    ] ifFalse: [
        owner morphicLayerNumber

    "leave lots of room for special things"

I assume a value < 100 must be set for the the morphicLayerNumber for
the inspector
But I don't know who is supposed to do this?  or how I tell "who" to do it.
Every place I can find that sends <inspect> just sends the message; no
code for the inspect is applied.

I am lost and could use some enlightenment.

Thanks for your time

Ralph Boland

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