[Newbies] Just playin' around

Michael Rice limitcase at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 19:40:57 UTC 2019

A TextMorph (string '15') and two SimpleButtons, one with a '+' and the
other with a '-'.

Target for both buttons is the TextMorph. The following, executed (with
DoIt) in the bottom subwindow of the '+' button inspector increments the
TextMorph by 1.

(self target) contents: ((((self target) getNumericValue) + 1)
printStringBase: 10).

However, a Viewer for the '+' button seems to have no target variable. And
a script for the button rejects "button up?" and "button down?" tests with
error messages.

Seems I'm trying to hook up some incompatible things. How would one hook up
these three morphs, simply?
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