[Newbies] What font do you use in macOS ?

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 08:15:40 UTC 2019


I am quite happy with the font I can get in Unix but, paradoxically enough, I can't get what I want in macOS, where graphics usually is far better.

So, the point is, in macOS the only font I can see well (except for the Accu*) is the "Bitmap DejaVu Sans". I use it usually at "size" 12, but I would like to have it a little smaller, unfortunately the next available size is 9, which is too small for me. 

I tried to read all what I could on the web. As far as I understand Bitmap DejaVu Sans works better because it was "handmade". And for the same reason, to have it at a different pointsize it must be wholly handcrafted again each time.

TTF do not work well because we don't have a renderer inside Squeak, there appear to be external plugins to use Cairo, but I don't find them for macOS. 

(excuse my barbaric approximations, I am totally profane in the world of fonts). 

So my questions are:

What font do you use ? 

Are you able to get something good at different scales ? 
I don't need multi-lang stuff, ASCII is enough. 

I could make another pointsize or two for the "Bitmap DejaVu Sans" but I need some point to start, some documentation or example. 


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