[Newbies] Saving project to file

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 07:17:39 UTC 2019

I have just installed Squeak 5.2.

I brought up the original image and then
attempted to a write the initial Project to a file.
(I have not worked with projects before).

I get a dialog box with the message:

some block(s) which reference instance variables
are included in this segment. These may fail when
the segment is loaded if the class has been reshaped.
What would you like to do?

I am given the choice of
   1) keep going
   2) stop and take a look

If I choose 2) I get a debugger window.
On top of the call stack is NativeImageSegment:>>Error:'here are the bad blocks'

There is also a window containing an array of one element which is a

Meanwhile there is a window showing publishing in progress which
appears to be in
an infinite loop.

I doubt all of this is an actual system error and I must be doing
something stupid.
Can someone tell me what the problem is?

Ralph Boland

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