[Newbies] Handling events on NCAAConnectorMorph subclass

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 17:03:13 UTC 2019


I am using package Connectors.

I made my own connectors subclassing NCAAConnectorMorph [say it is 
called MyCon]

Now, I would like the aMyCon to change its color to black when it is 
connected to other 2 morphs and be orange when it is not fully connected.

I saw there is NCAAEventsHandler with stateConnected and 
stateDisconnected but I don't understand how i can use these two events.

I tried defining inside the class MyCon methods like these, copying what 
I do for mouse events:
handlesStateConnected: evt
   ^ true

stateConnected: evt
     self color: Color black

It does not work.

How should I do ? I don't find an example.

Are NCAAEventsHandler events recognized by NCAAConnectorMorph ?

I would like my event handler to add up to what the default event 
handler does, not substituting it.


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