[Newbies] [squeak-dev] ColorTranscript howto fake/implement?

Christian Kellermann ckeen at pestilenz.org
Fri Jul 26 07:39:37 UTC 2019

Hi Nicola!

* Nicola Mingotti <nmingotti at gmail.com> [190725 23:37]:
> Hi,
> I was passing by, and tried :
> ----
> text := Text string: 'text example ' attribute: (TextColor color: Color
> red).
> Transcript show: text;cr.

If you browse the TranscriptStream's show: procedure you'll see
that it will send asString to the object you hand in, so in you
case the attributes of the Text get ignored as asString on Text
will just return the content's string.

So out of the box a colorized Transcript isn't possible.

Kind regards,


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