[Newbies] Object new

John McCulloch johnnymcc9 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 12:01:31 UTC 2019

I was trying to decide whether I wanted to use GNU Smalltalk or Squeak.  My
version of Ubuntu doesn't have a version of of gst with GUI that works so
I'm going with Squeak.  This issue applies to both anyway.  It's not a
problem but more of an issue about understanding how stuff works.

The issue is with creating new classes by including "Object new".   The
Object class doesn't have a #new method.   ProtoObject doesn't either.  
Class Behavior has one but that is a subClass of Object.  Is this the #new
that gets called and if so, how does Squeak know to use it?  If it's
somewhere else, where is it?

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