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Robert Kuropkat robert at kuropkat.com
Mon Mar 4 20:19:50 UTC 2019

On Mon, 4 Mar 2019 12:54:48 -0500
  "David T. Lewis" <lewis at mail.msen.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 03, 2019 at 07:42:29PM -0500, Robert 
>Kuropkat wrote:
>> On Sun, 2019-03-03 at 13:47 -0500, David T. Lewis wrote:
>> > On Sat, Mar 02, 2019 at 03:48:25PM -0500, Robert 
>>Kuropkat wrote:
>> > > Is there an updated Ready.image file (the one that 
>>goes with the
>> > > book)
>> > > that works with the latest Squeak?  I'm looking to 
>>teach a class
>> > > and
>> > > wanted to use this book, but at first blush, the 
>>image does not
>> > > seem to
>> > > work with Squeak 5.2 (on Linux at least).
>> > 
>> > Hi Robert,
>> > 
>> > I do not remember anyone mentioning an update to the 
>>image, so I
>> > suspect
>> > that the original image that came with the book would 
>>be the one to
>> > use.
>> > 
>> > The most recent VMs for Squeak will probably not run 
>>an image from
>> > that
>> > era, but if you are using Linux for the class, it will 
>>not be
>> > difficult
>> > to provide a compatible VM.
>> > 
>> > If the Ready.image is available for download, could 
>>you please give a
>> > link to the download site? I would be happy to take a 
>>look at it and
>> > suggest a suitable VM for running that image.
>> > 
>> > Dave
>> > 
>> > 
>> Dave,
>> I retrieved the download from here: 
>>https://github.com/apress/squeak  I
>> grabbed the ReadyPC-05052005.zip.  It worked fine on 
>>Linux using the
>> latest Squeak v3.  It would not work in v4 or v5.  I was 
>>also planning
>> to use Squeak By Example (which I believe is v4 era) as 
>>well as other,
>> more modern examples for a beginner class.  Version 3, 4 
>>and 5 are all
>> available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  I **could** have 
>> install all three versions (I did that on Linux) but was 
>>kind of hoping
>> to avoid that if it was possible to port these images to 
>> The ReadyPC zip file contains the following:
>> luth.frm  Ready.changes  Ready.image  spider.frm 
>> Squeak.exe  SqueakV3.
>> sources
> Hi Robert,
> As far as I am aware, the images that go with these 
>books are not being
> actively updated for newer versions of Squeak. But aside 
>from the inconvenience
> of installing multiple versions, there should be nothing 
>wrong with using
> those images exactly as they are. They should work fine, 
>and by using the
> old images you can be more confident that the systems 
>will work as
> described in the books.
> I downloaded the zip for Ready.image, and the image 
>seems to work fine with
> the interpreter VM that I have installed on my Linux PC. 
>This is a VM
> that I compiled from latest sources, so I am confident 
>that if the
> VMs that you are using with the book distributions do 
>not work properly,
> then an updated VM for Linux can be provided (and I 
>would be happy to
> help with that if needed).
> Dave


You make a solid point about sticking with the version of 
Squeak the image was made for.  So for the purpose of the 
class, I may well do so.  Installing and running different 
versions of Squeak might be a lesson in itself.

However, did I understand correctly that you were able to 
use the Ready.image with Squeak v5-ish?  If so, that means 
I'm doing something wrong, so would love to get educated 
on that issue.

Robert Kuropkat

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