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Mon Oct 7 21:23:14 UTC 2019

Hi Chris,

I started with Squeak/Smalltalk about 3 months ago.

You need to see absolutely the Squeak Swiki:

In the Wiki there is a lot of info and it is not trivial to search 
stuff. I found that a good strategy is to look daily at "Changes" made 
by other people. Just press "Changes" button on the top of the web page. 
In this way you are more confident you are reading pages with updated info.

I made my own page on the Swiki, there I collect pointers to tutorials 
and articles as soon as I make them. Here it is:

The most important book to start with is "Squeak by Examples", you 
should easily find the pdf. A good book on Smalltalk (for programmers) 
is "Smalltalk by example" Alec Sharp.


On 10/7/19 12:38 PM, mechanic wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer to the pdf file, as noted the website seems to have
> been pirated. That's one of the useful info sources I remember from some
> years ago and was vainly searching for the other day. As for version 3
> Squeak someone mentioned, I see that there is a squeak-vm package in Ubuntu
> that as of today installed version 3 of squeak. Useful for that 'squeak and
> robots' pdf I was working through the last few days. Installing the Squeak
> executable on Linux was proving difficult here before discovering that
> package!
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