[Newbies] Elegant way to tests an XMLElement's "string"`

tty gettimothy at zoho.com
Wed Apr 8 15:01:39 UTC 2020

Hi folks,

I am writing SUnit tests for my PEG grammar and I am not fluent in Streams.

I have my first test that checks the structure of an HTML UnorderedList.
The output of the parse run is an XMLElement.

	<timeout: 10> 
	| xmlElement actor ios| 

	actor := PEGWikiMediaGeneratorTables new.
	actor transcripton: false. 
	xmlElement := parser parse: 'UnorderedList' stream: (self listUnordered)
reading actor: actor.
	ios := ReadWriteStream on:''.
	xmlElement printOn: ios.
	self assert: ((ios contents) = '<ul><li> one</li><ul><li> two</li><ul><li>
three</li><ul><li> four</li><li> four</li><ul><li> five</li><li>
five</li><li> five</li></ul><li> four</li><li> four</li></ul><li>
three</li><li> three</li></ul><li> two</li></ul></ul>') .

Is there a simpler way, minus the Stream to get the "contents" of the

thanks in advance.

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