[Newbies] Sound, video and color in morphic projects

Ricardo Pablo Salvador ricardopablo1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 03:05:52 UTC 2020


I am Ricardo Salvador,  and i am writing because i found the solution to
one of the problems i asked for help about; maybe this will help someone

It's about sound playing. In ubuntu the sound was not played in morphic
projects and in the terminal I got the message "sound: /dev/dsp: No such
file or directory".
Since the "/dev/dsp" folder is part of the Open Sound System (which has not
been included in Ubuntu for a long time), for Squeak to find it, it was
resolved by installing "osspd" a package that emulates a daemon needed to
make the "/dev/dsp" folder available.

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*Ricardo P. Salvador*
http://tinyurl.com/rsatweb <http://tinyurl.com/cursosrps>

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> Hello!
> I'm Ricardo Salvador, from Rosario, Argentina.
> In 2008 I met Squeak-Etoys and was fascinated by it. Since then I use it in
> high school; I've been testing Squeak 5.x for a while and now with version
> 6.0: working with morphic-based projects is a fascinating and at the same
> time friendly way to start teens in programming.
> And in my experience I see that Squeak is really simple to learn with OOP
> principles. Now I try to learn SmallTalk.
> That's why I want to make a contribution-questions about Squeak 5.3 and/or
> 6.0 alpha:
> 1. On Linux Ubuntu 18.04 no sounds are played: when I try, the console
> gives the message "sound: /dev/dsp: No such file or directory". I haven't
> found a solution yet. In Windows it works.
> 2. The "Color" category is missing, containing the tiles "red", "green",
> "blue", "hue", "brightness", "saturation". The first three are very useful!
> 3. I can't get the camera monitor to work on Linux or Windows. On Linux I
> don't get any feedback from the camera.
> Those features still work ok in Etoys 5.0 although of course I would like
> to change to a current version of Squeak for its performance and validity
> improvements.
> I'm a teacher, specialized in computer technology applied to education. If
> I can contribute in other ways, I'm at your disposal.
> Thanks in advance!
> *Ricardo P. Salvador*
> http://tinyurl.com/rsatweb <http://tinyurl.com/cursosrps>
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