[Newbies] Thanks to John-Reed and Christof

Albert Wagner albert.wagner at mail.com
Thu Aug 27 03:32:09 UTC 2020

Thanks to John-Reed and Christof for replies in digest 162-3.
Christof, I followed your link for ExternalWebBrowser and downloaded it.
But...I realized that I am a long way from installing it.  I did
Smalltalk a long time ago (20+ years) on IBM's Visual Age and prior to
that, Smalltalk/VDos.  But Squeak is an unrecognizable monster compared
to Smalltalk that long ago. I am totally lost. The only thing that looks
familiar is the TerseGuide and it is readOnly. Back-in-the-day that info
was the live content of the one and only hierarchy browser.
I can find no current books on Squeak. So I am just shooting in the dark.
I'll get back to you when I can ask an intelligent question.

Sorry, but I sent this first to the beginners-request list. I hope you
can untangle it there.

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