[Newbies] halt method not halting execution...?

Chris Game chrisgame at pobox.com
Wed Feb 5 11:04:38 UTC 2020

Hello Robert,

I also worked through that excellent book and hit the same problem,
reported on this list under "Halt doesn't stop" in October. There
seemed to be no simple solution to making the program behave just
like the example in that book. Fortunately there are very few such
issues in following all the examples!

On Tue, 4 Feb 2020, Robert Kuropkat wrote:

> All,
> I am working my way through the Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots and I hit some unexpected behavior with
> the halt method in Chapter 15.  I am not at that computer at the moment so cannot say exactly which 3.x version
> of the VM I am using.  It is using the Ready.image and the V3.sources files.
> According to the book, the halt method should cause execution to stop and invoke the debugger.  It does in fact
> invoke the debugger, however, it also skips past and keeps executing.  Is there by chance some setting somewhere
> telling the program to skip that method and keep executing?
> I can follow-up later tonight with better details, but thought I'd through the question out in case there was in
> fact an easy answer...
> Robert Kuropkat

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