[Newbies] What happens if a Process is terminated inside of Process>>#terminate?

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Mon Jun 8 18:28:43 UTC 2020

Hi newbies list,

I wrote a little Morph to monitor live processes vs terminated 
processes.  In doing so, while experimenting, I ended up with one 
Process which seemed to be terminated inside of Process>>#terminate, 
which I think is strange.  Is it strange?  I ended up discarding the 
working copy of my image and reverting to the last saved version.

It is interesting to see how many terminated Processes are left behind 
when WebServer has been running for a long time.  Luckily they all seem 
to be swept away with a #garbageCollect.  I do wonder why my image can 
go for 24 hours without something in the image performing a garbage 
collection.  SHTextStylerSH80 creates and terminates many processes 
also, but they seem to get collected without my intervention (?).

Tim J

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