[Newbies] What happens if a Process is terminated inside of Process>>#terminate?

K K Subbu kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 19:42:38 UTC 2020

On 08/06/20 11:58 pm, Tim Johnson wrote:
> I do wonder why my image can go for 24 hours without something in the
>  image performing a garbage collection.

garbage is collected only where VM's "free" memory runs low.

See World Menu -> help -> vm statistics

to see memory counts. In the same menu, you will also see "space left", 
which triggers garbage collection and then reports the free space.

In Squeak, a "process" is just a chain of activation frames (contexts) 
tracking nested sends. This is the chain of contexts you see in Process 
browser (right pane) or in Debugger (top panel).

HTH .. Subbu

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