3.8 full image on ftp.squeak.org with proxy

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Jul 16 06:40:55 UTC 2005

Am 16.07.2005 um 07:58 schrieb Michael Rueger:

> Doug Way wrote:
>> And Ken is probably right that perhaps we should bump up the version
>> number.  3.8.1?  Hmm, well certainly we were going to do that if we
>> added any updates, although in this case it's simply a fixed image  
>> with
>> the same update number (and same source code), so it's a close call.
> I would vote against a version number change, but rather change the  
> name of the download file or something?
> Or, we could release an update to fix the proxy problem, so the  
> image will be 3.8 6666. There is already a pending update (the  
> positionOf... fix) plus possibly Goran's FatSocketStream.

And this could make sense:


0001382: 3.8 performance regression - ByteSymbol>>#hash
Magma's peak commit rate in 3.8 dropped from 24 per second in 3.7 to  
18 per second in 3.8. I traced the cause of this problem to  
ByteSymbol>>#hash. Because of the new String hierarchy to support  
Multi-byte Strings, it is no longer benefitting from the primitive  
for calculating its hash that used to be in  
String>>#stringHash:initialHash:. It was moved to ByteString but not  
to ByteSymbol so now, ByteSymbol is inheriting the slow one from  
String which, per the comment, works for WideStrings too.

This fix simply restores the method with the primitive call that  
regular [Byte]Symbols have always benefitted from.

I added this to 3.9a already, and I use it it my work-image for a  
week now.


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