3.8 full image on ftp.squeak.org with proxy

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Sun Jul 31 04:04:41 UTC 2005

On Jul 28, 2005, at 2:18 AM, Marcus Denker wrote:

> Questions: How do we make these files appear on the sqf server?
>                      Who can rebuild a windows package of full?

Looks like Bruce just fixed these... I verified myself.

As to Bruce's "meta problem" of not having a backup person to handle 
uploading important items when Bruce is away... perhaps the box-admins 
could be backups?  (Which I think are Cees, Ken and possibly Goran.)  I 
assume the ftp.squeak.org machine is a "box" they have access to. :)

(In this case it was a little trickier because we also needed someone 
to build the windows package, and it's possible that none of the box 
admins are Windows squeakers... so it probably didn't get done because 
it wasn't easy for one person to do it all.)

> And then there is the 3.8.1 question: there are lots of things (e.g.
> 0001532: Remove some VMMaker methods to package)
> that I would like to have in 3.8 if I would continue to use it. Which 
> I will not,
> I will move on to 3.9 next week.
> The question is now how to handle 3.8 vs. 3.9? The best would be to
> have a mantis like system that would funnel all approved items for
> 3.9a to the maintainer of 3.8 for possible inclusion. We do not have
> this system, and I am reluctant to let all the reports open on mantis
> because they might be added to 3.8 or maybe not. So I think I will
> close all items on mantis that are in 3.9, everything else would get
> unmanagable, I think. (there is already too much stuff there).

Good question... I guess it's really up to Michael & whoever wants to 
be in charge of 3.8, which fixes should be added to 3.8.

I'd guess the number of items added to 3.8.1+ is pretty small compared 
with 3.9, it wouldn't make sense to keep the mantis items open just 
because they're not in 3.8 (but are in 3.9).

- Doug

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