Marcus Denker denker at
Thu Oct 20 16:01:06 UTC 2005

On 17.10.2005, at 18:38, Cees De Groot wrote:

> Hi Marcus,
> I've setup backup to another server @hetzner I operate, but I'd rather
> have a second backup machine in case there's a problem with backup or
> if I happen to be on a prolongued holiday during a crash.
> The backup system I use is based on ssh+rsync plus a little utility
> called 'powershift' (part of
> You'd need to make
> sure ssh+recent rsync are running on the server and install
> powershift; I can then do a test run from the SqF box.
> The backup system uses hardlinked trees. The idea is that if the
> backup starts using too much space, you rm -rf the oldest versions.
> Easy enough :)

Ok... so I will see if we can do that on the SCG server, and then  
the software and make an account... we'l see. I need to see
when I can find time for that, though.


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