for SqueakSource...

Marcus Denker denker at
Fri Jan 13 10:55:03 UTC 2006

On 13.01.2006, at 11:50, Cees De Groot wrote:

> On 1/13/06, Marcus Denker <denker at> wrote:
>>> If that's all you need, just mail me the new IP address and I'll  
>>> setup
>>> or something like that :-)
>> And why not ?
> Err... let's keep the discussion clear here. What do you want? A plan
> for merging the two servers including a strategy for the eventual
> domain name, or a domain name to test your new server setup?

I want to be able to *do*, not talk. A strategy for a server  
migration and
eventual domain name means that: Nothing will happen.

> The latter I can give you on a whim, the former needs discussion and
> until we have consensus on it I don't think it is smart to just start
> allocating names.

So.... maybe that's not how other people feel, but I personally think
that this way you will make sure that people stop doing things.

At least, I feel that way for me personally.


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