[Box-Admins] updating source.squeakfoundation.org

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Tue Jul 11 04:49:11 UTC 2006

Ok, here is roughly what I did to set up the current installation at  
http://source.squeakfoundation.org .

- Created a SqueakSource-sqf image according to the instructions on  
the wiki page of the "SqueakSource-SqF" project at http:// 
- Also used SSGenericFrame>>makeLogo: to import the banner graphic  
into the image. (you could copy the existing graphic from the webpage)
- Mmm, you might also have to add SSRepository to the standard list  
of Squeak "startup" items so that SSRepository class>>startUp is  
automatically called when the image is started.  (Or maybe that is  
already taken care of by the install, I don't remember.)
- ftp the image/changes to squeaksource at box2.squeakfoundation.org.  I  
assume you have access to that account (via ssh), if not, Ken could  
set that up.
- ssh to the box2 account and start up the image with this command:  
"squeakvm SqueakSource-sqf.image &".

So, you would do something like the above, except install your new  
version of SqueakSource in step one.  (You'll probably want to keep  
the old image on the server as a backup also.)

I never got around to running tightvnc to open/debug the image on the  
server, which would be very helpful.  I think Ken was going to look  
into that, he may have more info on getting that going.

- Doug

On Jul 7, 2006, at 8:35 AM, Ken Causey wrote:

> Fundamentally it is Doug Way's baby.
> Ken
> On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 13:10 +0200, Marcus Denker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The installation of SqueakSource on source.squeakfoundation.org needs
>> to be updated
>> to a newer version,
>> We (Andrian and me) can do this.
>> Q:
>> - Is there anyone "officially" responsible for this setup that we
>> need to ask?
>> - We need to know a little to do it, is there  a docuement describing
>> the setup
>>    (VNC?)
>>     Marcus

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