[Box-Admins] starting image with seaside/pier for squeakfoundation.

karl karl.ramberg at chello.se
Sat Jun 10 19:04:42 UTC 2006

Ken Causey skrev:
> I started the image under VNC to debug it.  You had warnIfNoSourcesFile
> enabled but didn't link to a SqueakV3.sources file so it was blocked on
> that.  I removed that setting but did not save the image.  I've left it
> running under VNC which you can access via
> <vncviewer command> squeak.org:2
> with the passwd
> It appears to be responding on port 7780 but there's nothing at the root
> and I'm not sure what the full URL should be to any content.
> Ken
Sorry to bother you guys, again.
I had to kill the Squeakfoundation process but now I can't start it again.
When I log on with Putty and try to start it, it tells me the command
startSqueakFoundationWebsite.sn is not found.
What could be wrong ?

> On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 23:26 +0200, karl wrote:
>> I put a image with seaside/pier installed on the website but I have trouble
>> starting the image.
>> I use WinSCP3 and try to execute the bash script 
>> startSqueakFoundationWebsite.sh
>> but can't get it to run :-(
>> Could  a nice soul here start the image ?
>> Karl

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