[Box-Admins] Request for opening SqueakNOS mailing list

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Tue Jun 13 14:48:40 UTC 2006


Ken suggested to first get some public disucssion before setting up
a list... I actually think this is a good principle in general for,  
kind of,
"squeak community" lists (e.g. the stuff like the beginners list, 3.9a,
things like that).

But then there are kind of "independend" projects that are in need
of infrastructure (like, e.g. Exupery, Magma, Seaside).
The SqueakNOS projects looks a lot like such a project.

I tend thus to set up the mailingliste without diskussing it on the main
squeak-dev list. (But of course, we should discuss it here, are
we are allocating hosting recources).

So if nobody votes against, I'd like to set this list up.


On 10.06.2006, at 00:29, Gerardo Richarte wrote:

> Hi! Sorry ken for this second email :-(
> I asked Cees, and he told me to ask here.
> I'm looking for opening a mailing list to discuss SqueakNOS stuff,  
> and I
> wished it could be here (@SqueakFoundation) so we can keep  
> everything in
> the resources provided by the community (just in case I disapear for
> another 5 years and somebody wants to take over the project :-)
>    is it possible to open a list named SqueakNOS, with admin  
> contact or
> whatever it's needed set to me (this email address)?
>    I'll be really happy if it's possible!
>    thanks a lot
>    gera

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