[Box-Admins] Re: [Webteam] Adding/updating files in FTP (Re: other images)

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Oct 18 17:53:26 UTC 2006

Ken Causey wrote:
> I can offer two solutions to the issue of hosting images for various
> people (the FTP side of the problem anyway).
> 1.  The web team takes responsibility for this (you already own the
> overall FTP directory) and anyone that wants an image hosted sends it to
> you or tells you where to get it from.  This way the 'customer' has to
> work through the web team.  In the past this hasn't worked so well since
> there hasn't often been more than 1-2 active members and there have been
> a couple of past instances (John McIntosh's Mac VM updates for example)
> where the team has not been very responsive to update requests.
> 2.  A folder is created in the FTP site and under that folder there are
> seperate folders for each type of image and each of those is owned by
> the image developer.  Each developer would have his/her own account on
> box2.  This is much as I have already done for Damien and his
> Developer's image.
> I'm not too happy with the idea of creating and managaing a bunch of
> accounts and would prefer that we start with solution #1 and see how it
> goes.  Maybe having a larger number of requests more often will result
> in a faster response time than in the past.  If that doesn't work maybe
> I will come up with a third solution by the time we find out.
I agree, let's start with #1 and see if the WebTeam can keep up with the


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