[Box-Admins] Mailing List Automatic Whitelisting (aka Contact Form)

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Tue Apr 13 20:16:01 UTC 2010

For some time now we have had an issue with certain support mailing
lists (board, box-admins, webteam) where we would like to make it easy
for the community to send email to the list with requests, but we didn't
want to have to deal with spam.  The original plan was to setup a web
form on www.squeak.org but this has not ever been completed.

As I continued to think about this it occurred to me that this plan was
really non-optimal and that what seemed to make the most sense was to
allow any member of squeak-dev to email these lists.  I formed a rather
grandiose plan of how to do this and as a result never got around to
completing it.  Craig Latta suggested a simpler approach and I was able
to adapt that into something that I think will work well.

Each 'night' the members of the squeak-dev list are extracted and set as
the whitelist for the board and box-admins list, along with a few other
manually added email addresses.

If you would like this for the webteam list let me know.  I will also
need to know what if any email addresses should be added in addition to
those who are on squeak-dev.  One side effect of this is that it makes
the Privacy Options...->Sender Filters page of the mailman web
configuration interface unusable; it simply can't handle this size
whitelist.  This is not likely to be a problem, if you need a setting
changed here (if the auto-whitelisting is applied of course) just let me

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