[Box-Admins] RE: Losing rsync mirror of squeak.org

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Wed Apr 28 21:52:12 UTC 2010

I started a detailed reply to this and then decided I should check my
figures again regarding diskspace usage.  In the process I have found
that the FTP site has grown beyond my expectations to 18GB now.  I have
to leave shortly so I can't continue this right now, but I'm going to
see if I can clean that up somewhat tonight or tomorrow and then send a
real reply to this email.


> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: Losing rsync mirror of squeak.org
> From: Göran_Krampe <goran at krampe.se>
> Date: Wed, April 28, 2010 3:45 pm
> To: Ken Causey <ken at kencausey.com>
> Cc: box-admins Support <box-admins at lists.squeakfoundation.org>,  Squeak
> Oversight Board <board at lists.squeakfoundation.org>
> On 04/28/2010 06:32 PM, Ken Causey wrote:
> > OK, I understand.  Thanks for providing this service for so long.  So
> > this eliminates our remote backup.  Does anyone have any ideas for a
> > replacement?  An rsync/rsnapshot setup would be nicest (easiest).
> I wonder how much traffic this is, I mean, I do have a server here at 
> home that could sync it at night time. And so could probably someone 
> else too.
> regards, Göran

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