[Box-Admins] Re: [Squeak 4.0] ! Distro files (deliverable question)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Mar 7 21:48:56 UTC 2010

On 3/7/2010 1:29 PM, Ronald Spengler wrote:
> So I'm spending today looking at slapping together a makefile for the
> 4.0 distribution files.

Great! It also reminds me that I forgot to get back to you after the 
last board meeting :-( I'll just put it in this message:

> Rationale:
>    - If I package everything up manually, and we need to change the
> license at the last minute (or some such thing,) I'll have to do it
> over again manually, which will be a time consuming pain in the arse.

Yup. And regarding license, we have agreed at the board meeting that we 
will have a combined Xerox, Apple, Community license. The rationale 
being that removing copyright notices is highly questionable and since 
both the Xerox and the Apple copyright are in the image, they should be 
in the license. Consequently, the copyright headers should read:

Copyright (c) Xerox Corp. 1981, 1982 All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) Apple Computer, Inc. 1985-1996 All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) The individual, corporate, and institutional contributors 
who have collectively contributed elements to this software ("The Squeak 
Community"), 1996-2010 All rights reserved.

> I'm assuming that I'll be able to depend that it's trivial for a
> box-admin to create a copy of the directory on the server and then
> drop the following files into their respective locations, removing the
> old versions, is this correct? (Anyone on the box admins list want to
> join the release team for this one task? Is there someone else with
> credentials and permissions, if not? I'd really rather not futz with
> the FTP server if I don't have to.)

Yes, it's trivial. I think pretty much all of us have credentials and 
could do it. And if I would've thought of it, I would have asked you to 
send Ken your SSH key so we can get you access. But I'd be happy to do 
it, I should be available for the rest of the day.

> Note that I've dropped the build number from the file names, as
> (unless there's something I don't know) we're only going to ship this
> thing once, and we shouldn't need to patch the image at all. Fixes can
> happen in trunk. Anyway, ditching the build number makes the dreary
> zipping and such agnostic to what's in the image, and that saves me a
> bit of time.

Sounds fine.

> These are the files that I intend to deliver. If I've missed anything,
> please let me know ASAP.
> *	    README
> *	    Squeak4.0-basic.zip
> *	    SqueakV40.sources.gz
> *	    Squeak4.0mac.zip (mac)

The mac usually has a hyphen, too (Squeak4.0-mac.zip). Also, if you're 
not a Mac person, do we need a Mac user to zip this up properly to 
ensure correct permissions etc?

> *	    Squeak4.0-basic.zip (unix)
> *	    Squeak4.0-win32.zip (windows)

Sounds all great. Perhaps add a LICENSE file?

   - Andreas

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