[Box-Admins] VNC access to website image

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue Apr 5 19:27:38 UTC 2011

Thanks Ken.

Yes, website is not run by VNC server beneath it. Can someone with root
access restart it as Ken suggests please?

Best regards

On 05. 04. 2011 21:19, Ken Causey wrote:

Yes, assuming the VNC process is started up the display number is simply
the next available one, so the number each one is assigned is determined
by the startup order.  That of course assumes the process is even
running under VNC which may well not be the case.

To check this login as website and run

ps auwx | grep website

You will see a list of processes running as the website user which would
include the VNC process and of course the Squeak process.  If you don't
see VNC listed then it's not running under VNC and someone with root
access will need to stop it via daemontools so it is not automatically
restarted and then either you or they can start it under VNC.  If you do
see it listed you can see the display number.


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