[Box-Admins] Box-Admins Team needs a new leader and/or we need a new way

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Thu Feb 3 20:22:47 UTC 2011

Perhaps you've forgotten or didn't notice but I tried to resign as the
Box-Admins Team Leader more than a year ago:


Since that time I have simply done what I felt was necessary to maintain
the status quo.  I have neither the time nor interest in making large
changes to our hosting infrastructure.

The reality is that I'm an OK system administrator but a terrible
manager, and I haven't found anyone willing and capable to take over or
assist in any significant way.  I suspect that we don't have very many
people in this community with system administration experience and
willingness and time to do the work.

As a community I think we really need to think hard about how we want to
move forward regarding the services we use within the community.  I've
always been a strong proponent of 'eating our own dogfood' but we've
done very little in the last year or two progressing and even
significantly maintaining our own services infrastructure.  

I suggest we strongly considered leveraging managed services in the vein
of github, Google code, etc.  I simply don't see that we have the will
to manage these services ourselves in the immediate future.

I can continue as I have been for a while, but we can't continue like
this forever.  I just don't have the interest in doing this work anymore
beyond what is absolutely necessary.

Ken Causey

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