[Box-Admins] Permissions

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Feb 5 21:03:04 UTC 2011

This is an excerpt of the notes we assembled for new board members about a year ago:

Community Servers
We currently only use a single physical box hosted by Hetzner, Germany:

Name: box2.squeakfoundation.org
Primary IP:
OS: Debian Sarge

The box hosts many different sites including:

- www.squeak.org: the main website and download area
- bugs.squeak.org: the Mantis bug tracker
- lists.squeakfoundation.org: the mailman software
- map.squeak.org: the main squeakmap server
- source.squeak.org: the squeak source repository
- wiki.squeak.org: the squeak wiki
- ftp.squeak.org: file distribution via FTP/HTTP

This list is not exhaustive; for a complete and up-to-date list ask the box-admins team. We are also relying on several external sites:

- news.squeak.org: an alias to the weekly squeak (wordpress.com)
- board.squeak.org: an alias to the squeak board blog (wordpress.com)
- jobs.squeak.org: an alias for a dabbledb.com database
- paste.squeak.org: an alias for the Lisp IRC paste bot

Administration is done by the box-admins team, requests should be directed there. However, for emergency purposes, the following users have root access on the box and can perform whatever actions are necessary:

root - Ken Causey, Göran Krampe, Cees de Groot, Avi Bryant, Marcus Denker, Craig Latta, Bert Freudenberg

Contact information: First start by emailing the team mailing list:
box-admins at lists.squeakfoundation.org then fall back to contacting the
team leader, Ken Causey's contact information is currently at


DNS is managed via tinydns and and the domain names are registered with their respective holders:

- squeak.org: Dan Ingalls
- squeakfoundation.org: Cees de Groot

We currently do not hold any SSL certificates for any of our sites.

Daily backups (5 days deep) are kept locally for incidental mistakes and
Göran Krampe backs us up remotely on a server he manages less frequently
and on a longer timescale (tuned occasionally to manage space

Server Access
For giving community members access to the box the policy  has been to be conservative about granting access but also conservative about removing access.  As a result the access numbers have grown because people are not often removed.

For the most part access is granted to specific user accounts that can
access relevant files.  Access is granted by adding public keys to an
account.  Use of one account per person and sudo has been suggested and
is probably a good idea for the future.

The box-admins team manages the details.

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