[Box-Admins] My daily rituals (was RE: Welcome Steve and Casey)

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Sat Feb 5 23:19:31 UTC 2011

I thought about mentioning automation because I don't really think it's
a good idea in this case.  What's important here is often tiny details
and I know from experience that regularly emailed reports that are much
the same all the time get very little scrutiny.

The fact that you have to do something to get the information, I
believe, causes you to look more closely.

Also, my summary here is a bit simplistic since I gloss over the
variations that occur when I think I have found something out of the
norm.  This happens regularly but it's rarely anything worthy of note
once I look; but I have to look more closely to know.  And how to look
more closely varies considerably based on what is found.

The human element is essential in my opinion, until we achieve hard AI
goals anyway.


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> No, I don't take it as directed at me.  I think it's important to to say
> what I have time to do.  If it isn't enough, fine, no worries.  I can commit
> to 10 minutes every few days.  What I can't promise is that if there's a
> problem, I'll always have time to investigate and/or fix it.  Often I would
> be checking just before leaving for work.
> Thanks for the summary of responsibilities.  A lot of it sounds like a job
> for a script run via cron (or whatever), with saved reports and/or email to
> this list.
> Cheers,
> Steve

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