[Box-Admins] Some squeaksource.com updates

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Dec 1 22:33:31 UTC 2013

Mail notifications for squeaksource.com updates have now been enabled.
This function was disabled when squeaksource.com was initially re-hosted
on squeak.org, and should now once again work as expected.

Earlier problems that had caused repeat mail notifications for existing 
updates have been resolved and are not expected to cause further problems.

The welcome page for http://squeaksource.com has been updated for factual
content, and hopefully to appear less alarming for casual visitors.

The policy of disabling new project creation remains in effect.

With the welcome page updates, I also removed the instructions for
moving projects from SqS to the newer repositories, because it seems
a bit too unwelcoming for a "welcome" page. However, this is
important information, so we need to keep it available somewhere.
Is this (or could it be) available on a FAQ somewhere? If so I will
link to it from the SqS welcome page.

Here is the part that I removed:

  <h2>Migration to SmalltalkHub</h2>
  <p>To migrate so SmalltalkHub use the following script</p>
  <div class="format" style="color: #CD0A0A; background-color: #FEF1EC; border: 2px solid #CD0A0A; padding: 5px; border-radius: 4px; -moz-border-radius: 4px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px;">| source goSource destination goDestination files destinationFiles |
  source := MCHttpRepository location: ''http://www.squeaksource.com/YOURPROJECT''.
  destination := MCSmalltalkhubRepository
  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;owner: ''YOURNAME''
  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;project: ''YOURPROJECT''
  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;user: ''YOURNAME''
  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;password: ''YOURPASSWORD''.
  goSource := Gofer new repository: source.
  goDestination := Gofer new repository: destination.
  files := source allVersionNames.
  (goSource allResolved select: [ :resolved | files anySatisfy: [ :each |
  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;resolved name = each ] ]) do: [ :each | goSource package: each packageName ].
  goSource fetch. "downloads all mcz on your computer"
  destinationFiles := destination allVersionNames. "checks what files are already at destination"
  files reject: [ :file | destinationFiles includes: file ] thenDo: [ :file |
  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;goDestination version: file ]. "selects only the mcz that are not yet at destination"
  goDestination push. "sends everything to SmalltalkHub"
  self assert: destination allVersionNames sorted = files sorted.
  "checks we have exactly the same files at source and destination"</div>



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