and in danger (was Re: [Box-Admins] Disk space usage on box3)

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at
Fri Dec 6 18:37:38 UTC 2013

Would some kind soul add the following line in /home/frank/.ssh/authorized_keys?

My old key's lost in a hard drive accident, so this key is for my new laptop:

ssh-rsa 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

(This is not a security violation: this is the _public_ part of the keypair.)

I'll see what I can do about space.


On 6 December 2013 17:40, Ken Causey <ken at> wrote:
> On 12/06/2013 11:19 AM, David T. Lewis wrote:
>> Thanks Ken,
>> I will look at it as soon as I get home, about 8 hours from now.
>> Frank,
>> There's not much I can do on the side other than move the
>> repository to another box (which is not easy to do). Short term we need to
>> tidy up the jobs where can can.
>> Dave
> Thanks Dave,
> I agree that it is probably easier to find some space to clear up under
> but I think the community as a whole has to give some
> serious thought to the future of
> It seems to me that at least a couple GB could be cleared up by archiving
> some old dead projects (I have a couple I should do so with but I doubt they
> amount to much) and migrating away more active ones. Ideally the owners of
> those projects would stand up and volunteer therefore avoiding a
> sequester-style across the board trim.  Frankly I think
> must be closed to all writes and serve a purely archive function, at best
> given the resources we have currently.
> If someone else doesn't do so I may call for volunteers to archive and move
> existing projects myself next week on squeak-dev.  I'm hoping we can at
> least come up with some space savings in the short term that will give us
> some weeks to think and discuss.
> Regarding moving to another server: we do have another
> server where there is more space but that is technically designated for
> other purposes.  The sad fact is that there is not a lot more space
> available on box3 and box4 combined than we have on the old box2 server.
> Server  Total HD Size
> Box2       146GB (aka,, etc.)
> Box3        60GB
> Box4       103GB
> The new additions and currently add up to
> about 54GB.  I think you will agree that the math here does not work out.
> I guess my point is that moving (to any other existing
> server we have), as a solution, is only a temporary solution.
> Ken

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