[Box-Admins] David!: SqueakSource.com problem

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Sat Dec 21 16:30:14 UTC 2013

I don't always think of it but occasionally I visit www.squeaksource.com 
just to make sure that the front page at least looks right and that it 
is responding.  Today I'm not getting the complete HTML source much less 
images or styling.

Under such circumstances can one of us just kill the existing process 
and let daemontools restart it at least as a first attempt to fix the 
problem?  I'll leave this to David this time.  But guidance and comments 
on how others can help maintain this service, at least at a first 
approximation, would be appreciated.

Apologies if I have overlooked something already stated.  The team could 
use a better documentation strategy.  Suggestions welcome, at least for 
discussion purposes.  As usual the trick is finding something that a 
quorum of the ever changing group will actually use.


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